Mental Health in the Media: September

More young people wait for mental health treatment

Youth waiting for medical treatment for mental health issues are looking at wait times of up to a year. This is a worrying statistic because delay in treatment can escalate the severity of symptoms in youth. Doctors and health officials are concerned about the discrepancy between the message that youth should seek help for mental health related issues and the reality of insufficient funding for mental health treatment.


Unusual drama school in Rome is set to expand

A drama school is Rome is offering a program for those with mental disabilities. The hope is that learning stagecraft could be used as a form of treatment. The program teaches the students how to express their feelings in a nonjudgmental environment and in doing so create a new culture for those with mental disorders. The school is working towards becoming a state-recognized university.


Addressing youth mental health key to tackling suicide prevention

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among Canadian youth 15 to 25 years of age. Currently, Canada lacks a national suicide prevention policy unlike a number of countries around the world. Doctors say the issue is that suicide prevention needs to be look at in connection with mental health, not separate from it as it is now. The current services available are not sensitive to the needs of youth which makes them hesitant to ask for help.


First blood test to diagnose depression in adults

The first blood test to diagnose major depression in adults has been developed, providing the first objective, scientific diagnosis for depression. The test also predicts who will benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy, offering the opportunity for more effective, individualized therapy. The test also showed the biological effects of the therapy, the first measurable, blood-based evidence of the therapy’s success and showed who is vulnerable to recurring episodes of depression.


The time has come to end stigma and fund mental health care in America

The World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a new campaign: No Health Without Mental Health. WHO wants to ensure that mental health is understood on a factual basis and has set out key facts. The organization has also set global targets that they wish to achieve by 2020. The biggest barrier to overcome for this campaign to be successful is stigma within society.



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